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Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

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AIM AND SCOPE. Asian Journal of Management Research is a quarterly, international, refereed journal published with the aim to provide an online publishing platform for the academia, management researchers, and management students to publish their original works.

Management and Organization Review (MOR) aims to be the leading edge journal for advancing management and organization research with a contextual focus on China and all. The Journal of Management is a truly international journal and it holds a unique position for the reporting of management research.

The journal publishes scholarly research papers dealing with management and encourages new ideas on existing research. Research papers, practitioner articles, and other high quality submissions will be published to contribute to the broader conversation of how projects and their management can affect meaningful, socially-responsible change in support of public priorities.

WELCOME!!! Transcending the familiar periphery of perfunctory substance, ‘The International Journal of Management’ (ISSN – ) is offering to unfurl a newfangled panorama in the contemporary management study. A New Method to Detect Outliers in High-frequency Time Series IJSP, Vol.

8, No. 1 (), p16; Parametric Interval Estimation of the Geeta Distribution IJSP, Vol. 8, No. 1 (), p1; Levels of Minor and Trace Elements of Some Commercial Fruit Juices and Syrup Produced in Artisanal and Semi-Industrial Units in Benin Republic IJC, Vol.

10, No. 4 (), p

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