Plastisol transfer paper

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plastisol transfer paper

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Why you should use Plastisol Transfers to Print T-Shirts

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All you need at a price you can afford for everyone from the hobbyist to major busines. The process of transferring images to a large variety of products without messy inks by-products or screens is possible with Heat Transfer Technology. Product Description own printed images with heat transfer paper as well as your vinyl heat.

A huge part of the 19 billion dollar promotional product pie is made up of custom decorated products such as drinkware, writing utensils, key chains, calculators. Welcome to Impress India Impress India, Pioneers in Manufacturing of textile printing, Fusing,Curing, Dye sublimation and co-related apparel processing technique.


The process of transferring images to a large variety of products without messy inks by-products or screens is possible with Heat Transfer Technology.

Plastisol transfer paper
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