Tax avoidance within multinationals

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Tax Avoidance and Tax Havens; Undermining Democracy

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Firstly, global companies support the economy of the country where they operate. Multinationals promote economic growth, for example, Google in the UK “empower[s] literally billions of pounds” in the economy through their advertising network and, moreover, it is an important part of the electronic commerce expansion in Great Britain (Arthur, ).

We are an independent international network launched in We conduct high-level research, analysis and advocacy on international tax; on the international aspects of financial regulation; on the role of tax in society; and on the impacts of tax evasion, tax avoidance, tax ‘competition’ and tax havens.

The Double Irish is a base erosion and profit shifting ("BEPS") corporate tax tool, used mostly by U.S. multinationals since the late s, to avoid corporate taxation on most non–U.S.

profits. It is the largest tax avoidance tool in history and bywas shielding USD billion annually in U.S.

multinational foreign profits from taxation, and was the main tool by which U.S. Tax Avoidance by Multinational Companies: Methods, Policies, and Ethics (Updated on August 29, ). Britain will reject plans announced in Brussels this week to combat industrial-scale tax avoidance by the world’s biggest multinationals, the Treasury minister responsible for tax policy has said.

In her speech to the International Fiscal Association today, Revenue Minister Judith Collins discussed the objectives and proposals of three consultation documents released today, which address the issue of base erosion and profit shifting.

Tax avoidance within multinationals
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